Buying a Sandwich Toaster

A sandwich toaster is an electric cooking device or appliance that is used to make great-tasting toasted sandwiches quickly, easy and without the mess of cleaning pots or pans. The Breville Company, which was established in 1932 in Melbourne, Australia, is the original maker of the Breville sandwich toaster. In 1974 Breville put the first such appliance onto the market, making Breville, in many parts of the world, synonymous with this small kitchen electrical device.

Sandwich Toasters


Today this small kitchen appliance is manufactured by many different companies all over the world and is known by the general public as, toaster sandwich makers, waffle irons, pie irons as well as breakfast sandwich toasters.

The sandwich toaster is constructed of two solid concave identical hot plates; one on top and bottom of the appliance which clamps together allowing for two standard-size sandwiches to be toasted at the same time. These hot plates have electric coils encased inside them that allows for the heating of the appliance. Many of these appliances on the market today also contain a non-stick cooking surface allowing for easy clean up.

Usually the sandwich toaster also seals the sides of each sandwich, which traps the ingredients inside of the sandwich creating something like a hot pocket. The appliances also have the capability to cut the sandwiches in half on the diagonal as well as cutting off any crust that hangs over the formed hot plates. The exterior of this appliance is covered in an array of material created especially to keep the outside of the appliance cool and safe enough for use.

The sandwich toaster enables the user to easily make their own specialty toasted sandwich, and even cleanup is a cinch. Once the appliance is heated you lay one piece of bread on the bottom of the appliance, add the inside ingredients, put another piece of bread on top of the ingredients and then close the machine, clamping it shut tightly. Most machines these days have an indicator light that allows you to know when the sandwich is completed. Then you just open the machine and carefully pull out your toasted sandwich, wait for it to cool and enjoy.

By mixing and matching different types of bread and ingredients you can enjoy a different creation each and every time you use your appliance. The sandwich toaster can provide as much flavor as your taste buds can handle and then some!

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