Reviewing the Casio Exilim EX-Z1000

The digital camera market has been a crazy one in the past 5 years, and has come along way. Although 8-10MP cameras have been available for a few years the consumer market has continued to buy digitals cameras in the 6MP range, but why? Is it because of the larger file sizes? Or is there another reason?

Casio Exilim

What’s Included

1. Casio EX-Z1000 Camera (with rechargeable battery)

2. Dock

3. Manual and Setup CD

4. Wrist strap

5. USB cable

6. Power supply

7. A/V TV cable

Camera Design

Design is a very important aspect of a digital camera, often in stores people don’t get a chance to extensively test a camera before buying it so they base their buying decisions off the design; what looks the ‘coolest’. The Exilim EX-Z1000 is definitely a winner in the design category. The silver ultra-portable body features minimal amount of, conveniently placed, buttons. The few buttons this camera does have are all self-explanatory and easy to access.

The large 2.8-inch wide screen is incredible, having a large screen really gives you a chance to see what you’re taking a picture of. The screen is easy to see even outside in bright light.

Menu Design

The menu structure was surprisingly simple, everything was very easy to find and well placed. When in picture-taking mode there is a right hand navigational menu that makes it simple to change various photo settings such as mega pixel, flash, focus, timer, anti shake, ISO, white balance and EV.


Unlike some more advanced camera’s you don’t need to be a professional photographer to figure out how to use the EX-Z1000, it’s just point and shoot. The camera can be turned on with a press of a button and in less then 2 seconds you’re ready to take a picture.

The delay from the time you press the snap button to when the camera takes the picture is very minimal, unlike some digital cameras. Adjusting settings is very easy thanks to the well-designed menu structure. I am very pleased with the performance of the EX-Z1000, despite the pictures being 10.1MP they are processed rather quickly.

Below the navigation buttons on the camera you will notice a BS button, don’t worry it’s better then it sounds. BS stands for Best Shot, yes that is a very horrible acronym. Best Shot provides dozens of presets for various photo situations such as portrait, sports, text and fireworks as well as special effects such as monochrome and illustration.

Like most digital cameras it also features a video mode that allows you to shoot short low-quality videos. Motion got very choppy on the recorded videos, but really, who buy’s a digital camera for the video feature?

Image Quality

Probably the most important aspect of a camera, I wasn’t as thrilled as I would have liked to be with the image quality of the EX-Z1000, the quality of the images were mediocre. See for yourself:

As you can see the images produced by the camera are high resolution, but not exactly highest quality. The quality is still pretty good though for the size of the quality. File sizes were surprisingly only about 2.5mb on average.


Lithium-ion batteries are getting increasingly popular in digital cameras, and for the most part the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Advantages: Long battery life and they degrade slower than rechargeable AA batteries

Disadvantages: Expensive, so you usually don’t have extras handy for when it runs out; have to use specific charger.


I was happy to see that the Exilim EX-Z1000 uses a dock for charging and connecting to the computer and TV. Unfortunately that’s the only way, the camera has no mini connector for connecting directly. If you travel with your camera and laptop, lugging around the dock could get annoying.

I do like the dock itself, the camera slides into the dock nicely and charges until you push a button. There is a button for USB and a button for Photo, the USB button lets your computer talk to the camera, and the Photo button lets you view your photos as a slideshow on your TV, great, as long as your computer is near your TV.


If you don’t need super-duper high quality photos this is a great camera to get. Don’t let the 10.1MP number trick you. If you want an ultra-portable camera that you can take everywhere with you this is great choice. If you demand superior image quality and tons of features keep looking.

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